About Us

Helix 6 Precision

The highest quality, most accurate carbon fiber rifle barrels in the world.

On the hunt you only get one shot. With Helix 6 Precision carbon fiber barrels, you can be confident that your one-shot will hit the mark.

Create a lasting legacy

Accuracy, lightweight, and performance – they don’t typically go together in the world of precision shooting. Helix 6 Precision changes that – our barrels bring all those factors together.


Whether it’s the backcountry hunt of a lifetime, the final round a critical match, ringing the gong at absurd distances, our Helix 6 Precision barrels will deliver optimal accuracy and performance.

How We Started

Jon Beagle created Helix 6 Precision with the singular goal of producing the world’s finest carbon fiber barrel. For 20 years Jon’s passion has been to build the best precision rifle available using only premium components. Bad experience and dissatisfaction with the available carbon fiber barrels led Jon to seek out the world’s most innovative engineers in carbon fiber design and fabrication.


This led to developing a team of partners with over 30 years of individual experience in the composite industry.  Through a collaborative effort Helix and our team worked to bring the ultimate carbon fiber barrels to the market. Accuracy was paramount and weight reduction was secondary. Though these goals may seem backwards in the carbon fiber market, it proved to be the innovative element for our proprietary process and success.

Why Helix 6 Precision?

Helix 6 Precision’s success is the result of exceptional work and driven passion to create the best carbon fiber barrel on the market.  We continue to push the limits of innovation to improve our process and products.  We use only premium materials and cutting edge manufacturing technology, to produce the highest quality, handcrafted, carbon fiber barrel on the market. 100% Made in USA.


Our barrels begin as match grade, 416R stainless steel cores.  Each barrel is button rifled and painstakingly hand lapped.  Using stringent quality control and scrupulous attention to detail, we precision wrap carbon fiber to each core using Helix 6 Precision’s proprietary process.  The result is a custom barrel that is lighter, stronger, and faster cooling than anything available on the market.

New Process and Technology

Today, carbon fiber has been refined to exceptional levels of durability.  At Helix 6 Precision, we are constantly pushing the limits of innovation.  We are not just another company wrapping carbon around a barrel and trying to sell it.  We’ve taken the industry’s most advanced carbon fiber engineering and pushed the technology further with our proprietary, new cutting edge carbon fiber process.  Our innovative technology employs stringent quality control, and unsurpassed attention to detail.